Approximately 450,000 Australians are treated for skin cancer each year. It kills 1600 Australians every year. The majority of these deaths are preventable.It is imperative to diagnose skin cancer early.  This is true for all forms of skin cancer, but especially so for melanoma.

Skin Search offers different levels of screening depending on your risk as well as your wishes.
We are a stand-alone service, and are happy to refer you to a specialist of your choice for further management and advice. We are equally happy to provide a referral for  treatment and management through South Perth Specialist Skin Cancer Centre which is a specialist Dermatology practice dealing primarily with the management of skin cancer.

We do not require a referral for our services.

Complete Skin Examination (CSE)  with a non dermatologist

This service is appropriate for someone who is at low risk or who does not have any particular concerns regarding specific lesions or spots. 

The skin check or examination is carried out by a highly trained doctor (non dermatologist) and they will use a hand held dermatoscope to examine any spots that they feel requires further examination. 

At the end of the examination, if there are any spots that the doctor is still concerned about, you will be offered the following options:
  1. Complete removal of the lesion for the purpose of testing for diagnosis (extra fee - please ask the Doctor for a quote)
  2. Biopsy (or part removal) of the lesion for the purpose of testing for diagnosis(extra fee - please ask the Doctor for a quote)
  3. Spot check with specialist opinion- digital imaging of the suspicious lesion, with a Specialist Dermatologist assessment and report including recommendations for treatment if appropriate.(extra fee)
  4. Referral to a Doctor of your choice
If there is adequate time, options 1 to 3 may be done at the time of the initial appointment, otherwise a separate appointment will need to be made.
Cost: $100.00  (Medicare rebate does apply)
Options 1-3 will incur an extra fee.

Full Body Imaging (FBI) – with Specialist Opinion on images

Full Body Imaging is more appropriate for higher risk individuals, particularly those with many large and or unusual looking moles. (such as those with Dysplastic Naevus Syndrome.)

You will be photographed in at least 16 different poses, each pose highlighting specific areas of skin. This creates a complete map or record of your skin. Subsequent visits entail re-photographing you in those same poses with sophisticated software pin pointing any new moles or changed moles. 

Suspicious lesions will then be examined dermoscopically and the image stored for assessment and  comparison at the next visit.

All images are examined by specialist dermatologist Dr Tim Elliott who will provide a written report with diagnoses and recommendations
For your first FBI, if you have not had a skin examination recently, then a Complete Skin Examination will be included at no extra cost.
Cost: $350

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